Slots : our guide to play the best slots online

What is a slot machine:

Popular reel slots and winning combinations.

Top 3 online casinos with the best slot machines:

​1. Zodiac Casino

zodiac casino logo
  • Legal and Reliable

80 chances for $1.

+ 4 other deposit bonuses

​2. ​grand mondial

grand mondial casino logo
  • Legal and Reliable

150 spins for $10

+ 100% bonus on 2nd

​3. Captain Cooks

captain-cooks-casino online logo
  • Legal and Reliable

100 chances for $5.

+ $475 bonus on 4 deposits

If there's one thing everyone will agree on, it's that the Casino and its potential winnings are a dream come true. Indeed, who hasn't imagined what their life would be like if they won the jackpot? Who has never dreamt of hitting the Jackpot on a slot machine?

So, of course, some people tend to like risk more than others, but there is no denying that each of us has, at least once, fantasized about becoming an overnight millionaire! However, we're sure that the number of regular players in your entourage can be counted on the fingers of one hand ... and there are probably two reasons for this.

play progressive slot games

The first reason is obvious: gambling in general is simply dangerous (see our test of the gametwist site for playing with fictitious currency). Indeed, it is common knowledge that they are extremely addictive, and that many ruin themselves hoping to make up for it with each new move.

Thus, many people prefer never to even try to gamble or enter such a facility for fear of falling into this addiction. This choice is quite respectable, since it is undeniable that gambling really does involve risks!

But on the one hand, not all players fall into addiction, and on the other hand, we think that if you read these lines, you don't belong to this category of people.

The second possibility is even more obvious: people don't play because they are ill-informed.

Indeed, a lot of people might be attracted to gambling per se, but because of a lack of opportunity, they have never really been interested in it.

The purpose of this article is therefore to allow everyone who belongs to one of these categories to learn more about the casino and what it entails. Today's topic is also very special as it refers to the different online slot machines that can be used.

Because yes, if you didn't know, it is possible to play 100% legal and secure online gambling.

Play MegaMoolah slot machine and win the jackpot

Megamoolah is probably the best known online slot game in the world. The reason? Progressive jackpots payouts are absolutely insane.

To give you an idea, the current jackpot (at the time of writing) is over 3 million euros! That's simply huge, but it's nothing compared to the amount the jackpot can reach: in 2018 it will be more than Fourteen million dollars!

This is THE microgaming game to test for thrill-seekers. If you are one of those people who love thrills, go for it! But above all, never forget to play in moderation!

150 chances to become a multi-millionaire at Yukon Gold Casino for $10

yukon-gold-casino logo
megamoolah slot machine logo

80 chances to become a multi-millionaire at Zodiac Casino for only $1!

zodiac casino logo
megamoolah slot machine logo

100 chances to become a Millionaire at Captain Cooks for only $5!

captain-cooks-casino online logo
megamoolah slot machine logo

150 chances to be a Millionaire at grand mondial for $10.

grand mondial casino logo
megamoolah slot machine logo

The different kinds of slot machines on the web?

As we said in the introduction, it is perfectly possible to play games of money directly from your computer. Indeed, many Casinos have platforms where players can play safely. As you can see, these platforms are made up of a large number of slot machines.

First of all, you should know that a slot machine is nothing more than a slot machine, as we understand it in everyday life: a joystick to pull or a press button to activate, and you'll see different symbols scroll in front of you (hoping of course to get the winning combination!).

And these slot machines are different in many ways! In this section we will try to make as exhaustive a list as possible of the different kinds that can be found online.

First, you'll find all the so-called "classic" slot machines, because they use the same codes as the very first slot machines: a lever allows you to stop three reels with several different symbols.

But nowadays, it is quite possible to have 4, 5 or 10 reels depending on the slot machines! Indeed, since they are virtual, a reel is just an extra piece of code ...

In addition to the number of reels, you will also have the payout system which may vary. In fact, some online slots have "jokers" which, once obtained, will allow you to play a mini game with high potential winnings.

Others will make you win "free spins", literally "hitsfree". You will be able to play 3, 4 or 40 times in a row without paying a penny, but pocketing all the winnings if there are any!

Also note that some machines use both bonuses, and others use neither.

Of course, all the machines are different in terms of their wildcards! As a result, we could (almost) say that there are as many different slots ... as there are slots.

List of online casinos with the best slot machines:

captain-cooks-casino online logo

Captain Cooks

grand mondial casino logo

​grand mondial

yukon-gold-casino logo

Yukon Gold

casino logo spin palace

Spin Palace

zodiac casino logo


luxury casino logo


casino quatro logo


jackpot city casino logo

Jackpot City

casino villento logo


river belle-logo casino

River belle

a guide to slot games

Is it real money when you play online slots?

Here is a question that comes up very often! We will therefore take advantage of this article to answer it clearly. The answer to this one is simple: you decide.

Indeed, it is in the vast majority of cases possible to play for fictitious money (and therefore to win equally fictitious amounts). To be able to play for real money, you will have to make what is called a "deposit" ... which will make the act of playing for your money very palpable.

As a result, it is almost impossible to play for real money without doing it on purpose! You can rest assured of that.

See Top Rated Casinos

What do you do when you have a problem with an online slot machine?

Another big fear related to online gambling such as the famous bingo or roulette, is related to the potential problems that could arise.

On this point, just understand one thing: if you choose to play at a reputable Casino, you won't have anything to worry about. In fact, there are a large number of very reliable and, above all, totally reliable virtual casinos in Canada. These are totally authorized, legal and secure!

Therefore, if one day you have a problem with a transaction for example, you can be sure that the customer service department will take care of your request as soon as possible. Indeed, all of these renowned Casinos have teams ready to help you in case of a problem, and this 27 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This is quite understandable, since a site would not have the slightest interest in making its players feel cheated by playing at home. And as if that wasn't enough, you should know that absolutely all transactions made online are recorded: it's called the playcheck, where all your bets are recorded and therefore traceable.

You can of course access it yourself to check that the payouts were correct for one or more of your bets.

Strategies and tricks for machine slots: what to think?

"In the end, the casino always wins... ». How many times have you heard that sentence? Probably hundreds! We're sorry to tell you this, but often it does win in the end.

Indeed, it must be understood here that a casino is governed by mathematical rules. Thus, all the games you will find in any casino in the world will be mathematically designed to make you lose, and for the casino to come out a winner.

If you don't know what an algorithm is, you should find out about it before you even play your first chip! It could save you a lot of losses ...

Quickly, an algorithm is a mathematical program designed for a specific purpose. Here, the goal in question is to make the casino win in the long run. This term "long term" is related to the "theory of large numbers".

This mathematical theory is very simple; it simply says that if you play a game a very large number of times, then the final win will be equal to the expected win of the game. So, throw a coin a million times, and you will find that it has fallen half a million times on "heads", and half a million times on "tails"!

However, at the casino, the expectation of winning is in the casino's favour. Therefore, in the long term, it will be mathematically a winner. Thus, no strategy is viable in the long term.

However, some may very well increase your chances of winning the jackpot one day!

Slots tips and tricks: does it really exist?

In your player account or if you ask the customer support agents, they will be able to tell you which are the "hot games" or the hot games that could win you the jackpot!

These games are analyzed by a secret algorithm that detects that there hasn't been a big win on this machine lately and that potentially there will be one very soon! Or the other way around! Since there are a lot of players who win big on this game, this one is declared as a hot game.

Be careful though, no one really knows how this algorithm works and it won't guarantee you'll win your session! See this article on paid slots.

The best slots of the moment:

   1. Top game providers: microgaming

Microgaming was the world's first gaming provider. It launched the first online games, and it remains one of the best in the world to this day. The online casino Quatro still the platform of Luxury or the famous casino Villento use it.

Its ability to stay on top is due to the fact that it knows how to constantly renew itself, and therefore creates the best slot machines, both in terms of design and animation.

   2. The jackpots list

online slots jackpot list

Jackpots are, contrary to what most people think, quite common. However, it is important here to agree on the term "Jackpot"! This is because the amount associated with this term will vary depending on the slot machine.

If you opt for a Classic Slot Machine, you will have a greater chance of winning the jackpot, but the jackpot will be lower than on a Progressive Slot Machine. For those of you who don't know how this type of slot machine works, the next section should be of great interest to you!

Big progressive jackpots when playing online slots: how does it work?

A machine with an unlimited prize pool is called "progressive". That is, the prize pool will increase as players play, and until it is won (until someone hits the jackpot), it will continue to increase.

Once a player picks up the winning combination and wins the jackpot, it resets to zero. The principle is very simple, but can win you millions if you are the lucky winner of the day!

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