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What is roulette:

Popular casino game with

one ball and 36 numbers

Top 3 online roulette sites:

1. Zodiac Casino

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2. Grand Mondial

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3. Captain Cooks

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The world is constantly changing and new technologies are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. Thanks to all these developments, we can now do everything on the web: shop, work, meet people .... and play for real money in virtual casinos.

They are increasingly sought after for their comfort, convenience and ease of use. A virtual casino or online casino is nothing more than a casino accessible on the Internet, and in which you can play all the games found in your classic casinos.

What is roulette?

This game is certainly one of the most popular games among online casino players. Of course, you have to include in this category slot machines, blackjack and poker.

It is a game of chance in which money is bet on a number, a set of numbers, or a colour. In theory, it looks a lot like bingo, without the abacus of course. Due to its popularity, it is extremely profitable for online casinos.

The principle is particularly simple: a ball is thrown on a rotating platform, then it lands on a number (associated with a colour and going from 0 to 36).

The player wins if he has placed his bet on the winning number, group of numbers, line or color.

It must have at least one "0" box. This number depends on the type of casino you are playing in.

Indeed, the European wheels have only one zero, while the Americans have two. As said, if the player bets on the designated number, he will win a payout equal to the value of the combination he has used.

For example, betting $1 on a full number will bring him $36, while betting $1 on a flush (red or black) will bring him double his bet. There are a lot of different combinations, so there are all sorts of different multipliers!

List of casinos where you can play online:

grand mondial casino logo

Grand Mondial

yukon-gold-casino logo

Yukon Gold

casino logo spin palace

Spin Palace

casino quatro logo


jackpot city casino logo

Jackpot City

casino villento logo


river belle-logo casino

River beautiful

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What are the different types of castors?

As we have said, there are several variations. And if we had only mentioned the European and American casters, we would see that there are actually many more than that.

  • French or European roulette

The French, or European, wheel offers the player higher payout possibilities than the other wheels. The particularity of the latter is that it has only one number 0.

  • English roulette

The principle and operation of English roulette is similar to that of European roulette.

However, it differs by its somewhat peculiar rules. Indeed, the English one has a maximum number of players and bets, whereas the European one we just mentioned has no particular restrictions.

  • American Roulette

The American one has 38 numbers, since it has two zero boxes.

The presence of these two squares is not insignificant, since the addition of a "zero" square upsets the player's expectation of long-term gains, which is reduced by the addition of the latter.

Thus, an American is much more profitable for the casino than a European.

For the rest, the game table is similar to the European roulette table, and the game itself is played in exactly the same way.

  • Mexican roulette

As for the Mexican one, it has a much higher number of numbers than the wheels we have just mentioned.

The game room is divided into two parts: the wheel, consisting of 39 squares, and a betting table.

The latter has the same features as the American one, although it has a third "0".

The big difference with the European and American wheels is that with this one, the player loses his bet when the ball stops on one of the three zeros that make up the wheel.

Thus, Mexican roulette is by far the most profitable roulette for casinos!

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How to play roulette on the internet?

In order to be able to play, you must register on the best online gaming sites. Once you have arrived on the site you have chosen, you will need to create your player account. To do this, you will need to enter valid information and then make a deposit to your account.

The casino will often offer you a welcome bonus, so take advantage of this opportunity to try something you wouldn't normally dare to do! At this point, you will have gone through all the paperwork, and the interesting things can finally begin.

So go to the roulette section to choose your game table, and let's get started!

You will probably find that a multitude of tables will be at your disposal. It's up to you to choose the one that inspires you the most, or the one where your favourite dealer is located.

Is it real money when playing online roulette?

Here you should know that all online casinos proceed in the same way: you can play for real money and/or play money.

Of course, it's more interesting for the casino if you play for real money. As a result, the gaming features for "dummy roulette" are greatly limited.

Do all online casinos offer roulette games?

Because an online casino wants to be a perfect alternative to land-based casinos, the games offered online are the same as those offered in your traditional casinos. Therefore, all online casinos offer online roulette games.

Besides, you now know that this game is popular (if not the most popular!), so it would be illogical for an online casino to deprive itself of offering this game to its players.

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Winning at roulette every time: what we think about it

There aren't really any real methods or tricks to win at roulette.

Never forget: this is only a game of chance! Luck will decide your fate. Moreover, the sites control potential abuses in a very serious way, so don't imagine being able to invent a "revolutionary" method.

Can we play live roulette?

Indeed, it is possible to play and win real money.

You will be able to place your bets from your computer screen, then watch a real croupier throw the ball with a high definition webcam and announce the result!

This experience is much more immersive than the one offered by "old-fashioned" online casinos, where the player simply watches a 3D animation unfold, then an artificial intelligence announces the result.

Dealers can start a chat with you through the casino chat. Also, you can play at the same time as other players at the same table, with whom you can of course chat via the same chat!

What are the advantages of live roulette?

It's not easy to run a live mode, that's why only dealers with a lot of experience work in these online casinos. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy if you decide to play live roulette:

  • Real bets with real people:

The most proven privilege of live casinos is being able to watch the dealer spin the roulette ball or deal you the cards. It really feels like you are in the middle of a land-based casino.

  • Live chat:

You can chat with the dealer live, and the dealer will then be able to respond and interact with you. It's kind of fun to do!

  • Extra bonuses from a real croupier:

Some dealers go so far as to give advice to players. Also, some will sometimes tell you some juicy anecdotes, so don't hesitate to give it a try!

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