Notre guide pour jouer au craps en ligne: ce qu'il faut absolument savoir

Qu'est-ce que le craps:

Jeu de table qui consiste à lancer jusqu'à 6 dés.

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Presentation: what is craps?

craps online the guide

Craps is an extremely famous dice game and very popular among casino players. In order to play, you need two dice to be rolled on the board.

The general idea is to bet on the success or failure of the dice roll.

Be careful though, as there are many people around the craps table with well-defined roles. 

We will find the "Boxman", the "Stickman", as well as two other croupiers. The player will be offered six dice by the Stickman and will have to choose two of them, a red and a green one, which he will play with afterwards.

Les règles du craps

Once the dice have been rolled, there are three possible outcomes: you win and will therefore be paid by the casino in relation to your initial bet, you lose and will therefore have to part with your bet, or the move is a draw and you will have to replay the round!

But how do you determine whether you've won or lost? And how do you determine how much money you're going to pocket or not?

The whole principle of craps is based on betting on whether the thrower will pass ("Pass Line" in the game's vocabulary) or not pass ("Don't Pass").

After the first roll of the dice, which is called the "come out roll", the player is considered to have passed if he rolls a 7 or an 11. If the result of the roll is a 2, 3 or 12, it is considered craps and therefore the player does not pass.

But if the result of the roll of the dice is a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, what happens? In this situation, the thrower cannot be considered to have passed or not passed. Therefore, the dice will have to be rolled a second time.

The player may choose to increase his bet on the Pass Line or decrease or even remove his bet on the Don't Pass. The dice will then be rolled a second time.

If the roll of the dice scores, players who bet "Pass" will win and players who bet "Don't Pass" will lose. If the dice roll is 7, the players who bet Pass have also lost the round.

Finally, if the result of the roll of the dice is neither a point nor a 7, then it will have to be played again until a winner can be determined.

Les différentes façons de jouer au craps:

As you have seen, craps is a relatively complex game when you first learn the rules.

But what sometimes makes it even more complicated is that there are countless variables!

Some of the best known are New York Craps, High Points Craps, Craps Bastard and Simplified Craps.

Depending on the variant, Craps is proving to be less and less advantageous in terms of the odds of winning the round and therefore potential winnings.

Simplified Craps can be interesting for beginner players in the learning phase.

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Est-ce facile d'apprendre à jouer au craps?

Let's just say that it's not the easiest game to get started in online casinos.

What is complex in Craps is not necessarily understanding the rules of the game, as they are quite simple, but rather the consequences of different outcomes. 

The numbers that will appear after the dice are rolled all have meaning and will impact the Pass Line or Don't Pass.

The great difficulty will then be to make the link between the different numbers and their meanings. 

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the different variables in Craps can also make learning difficult at times.

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Comment faire une partie de craps sur le web?

To be able to play online Craps games, you will logically have to register at one of the many online casinos.

In order to do so, you will have to complete a certain amount of administrative, personal and financial information.

Once your personal details have been verified and validated by the gaming platform, you can then make your first deposit and start your first games of online Craps! 

The vast majority of casinos offer a welcome bonus to new members.

This usually ranges from $50 to $300 and will allow you to play your first online Craps game without any pressure!

Est-ce de l'argent fictif ou bien réel?

Yes, at the vast majority of online casinos Craps is played with real money. However, some platforms also offer their members the opportunity to play games for play money.

This can be a good way to practice before going to bet real money and make money.

Be careful to always keep an eye on your monthly expenses and, if necessary, to set limits so as not to fall into addiction.

Les sites de jeux en ligne proposent-ils tous du craps?

Craps is truly one of the great casino classics and you'll find it on the vast majority of online platforms. It's also one of the games where you can make the biggest winnings.

Quelle technique permet d'y gagner à tous les coups?

As is so often the case in answering this question, there is no foolproof technique for winning at Craps.

On the other hand, it is still a discipline in which probabilities are important.

Players with good math skills will logically be at an advantage, and even more so in some variations of Craps. 

As is often the case, it is experience that will make the difference in order to achieve maximum gains.

Comment faire si je rencontre un problème pendant que je joue à ce jeu en ligne?

With Craps, as with any other online casino game, sometimes you may encounter a technical problem.

If the situation occurs, there are many channels available to you to contact site support.

For example, you will be able to send an email, call a number, or communicate with a representative of the site live chat. 

Another important tool at your disposal, the playcheck is a history of all gaming transactions that can be consulted online and can be used as proof in the event of a problem.

Peut-on jouer au craps avec un croupier en direct?

Yes, although playing Craps in a real casino has its charms, you can also play Craps online and live!

Whether it's real or play money, you can create an account at an online casino and compete against players from all over the world!

The principle of live is to play against players and on your cell phone or pc!

Real money online Craps games can provide experienced players with a great opportunity to win some great prizes.

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Les avantages du live craps:

Jouer au Craps en live vous permet de trouver des adversaires en un rien de temps. Depuis votre ordinateur ou smartphone, vous pourrez lancer une partie à tout moment.

What's better than being able to make money directly from your couch?

Notre avis par rapport au craps en ligne:

Craps is a famous game that attracts many players. However, it is extremely technical, and it will take a long time for beginner players to become familiar with the rules.

The different variants of the game can be a real plus for experienced players who want a little change from time to time.

Even if the luck factor is not negligible, Craps is still a game of strategy and a certain mathematical logic. 

Experienced players will be able to potentially win big money playing Craps at online casinos.

Attention tout de même à toujours penser à garder un œil sur les montants dépensés pour ne pas tomber des nues.

Le craps comparé aux autres jeux traditionnels:


  • There is a strategic side to it, players who can estimate the odds are more likely to win than others.
  • It is a very famous game and is therefore present in the majority of casinos.
  • Craps can be played with other players and is a game that offers a lot of thrills.
  • The potential payoffs in Craps are very high.

Les désavantages:

  • The instructions of the game are simple to understand but it is complex for beginners to remember the numbers and their meanings.
  • The many and varied variations of Craps are interesting but can be confusing for beginning players.
  •  As is often the case with the great classics, playing Craps online is often less exciting in terms of thrills and spills than playing in a real physical casino.

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