The best sites to play real money online blackjack online

What is blackjack:

Popular card game or

the goal is to beat the dealer.

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            If there is one thing that every gambling enthusiast in the world will agree on, it is that blackjack is one of the most interesting and addictive games in the casino.

Indeed, the rules of this card game, which is very different from poker (which we will develop later), are such that each new card dealt puts additional pressure on all players. And if you've ever had the opportunity to play this game, you know how true what we've just said is.

In this article, we will see which are the best virtual establishments to play in. And for those of you who don't know it, don't panic! We will develop the rules and specifications of this game throughout the article.

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Presentation: what is blackjack?

It is a relatively simple card game to learn, but has subtleties that only the best players will know how to use. First of all, you should know that it is played between two sides: the banker (including the dealer) and the player(s).

Namely that it is entirely possible to play blackjack on your own. In a situation like this, you'll be one-on-one with the dealer. In fact, some people only play this way! As we said before, the rules are relatively simple.

The fundamental principle of this game is to get as close as possible to the number "21" without exceeding it. To do this, the dealer deals the player 2 cards and then deals himself a card.

As a player, you will have to add up the values of your cards (see below) to decide whether you want the dealer to deal you another card or not.

List of casinos where blackjack is available:

captain-cooks-casino online logo

Captain Cooks

grand mondial casino logo

​grand mondial

yukon-gold-casino logo

Yukon Gold

casino logo spin palace

Spin Palace

zodiac casino logo


luxury casino logo


casino quatro logo


jackpot city casino logo

Jackpot City

casino villento logo


river belle-logo casino

River belle

play online casino blackjack the guide

The value of cards in blackjack: explanations!

Before going any further, we will briefly list the value of each card in blackjack:

  • All cards from 2 to 10 are worth their own value. That is, if you have an eight and a four, you will score a total of 12 points.
  • As for the ace, it's a little more complicated. Indeed, it can take the value of a single point, like 10 points. It's up to the player to choose the value he wants to attribute to his Ace when he receives one.
  • The jack, the queen, the king are all worth 10 points.

So you've got it: receiving a ten, jack, queen or king coupled with an ace will give you 21 points, and you're almost certain to win the game. Now that you know the value of each card in the game, let's go over the rules of the game.

We said earlier that the dealer deals 2 cards to the player, and deals one card to himself. If you decide not to draw again, the dealer will deal one card, then another, then another... until he reaches 17. As long as the sum of his cards does not exceed 16, he is obliged to draw again.

Your goal as a player will be that the sum of the two cards should be as close to 21 as possible, but not more than that. If you exceed this number, you automatically lose the game. A player is said to "bust" when he exceeds this number.

So, if the sum of your cards is greater than the dealer's, and does not exceed 21, you win the game! On the other hand, if the dealer makes a better score than you all and it is less than 21, then he wins the hand.

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How do you learn to play this game? Is it difficult?

At this point, you've probably already understood 80% of the rules of blackjack. The rules can be summarized as follows: get a better score than the dealer's while staying under 21.

But between understanding the rules of a game and knowing how to play it, there is a world! You absolutely have to practice again and again to be able to claim to know how to play blackjack.

In any case, playing is the one and only way to master all the subtleties of the game, to "feel" the moves, to learn to bet intelligently ...

You will have understood it: blackjack is not in itself a very complex game, but mastering all its subtleties requires a minimum amount of practice! You can start by playing with play money at an online casino ... but we'll come back to this later.

How to play blackjack on the internet?

You may not know it, but blackjack is probably the most popular game among players. In fact, every casino-loving player in the world knows this game, so it would be impossible for any casino to ignore it.

As a result, all you need to do is go to any online casino site to play internet blackjack. But before you can try to get your hands dirty by drawing cards, you will have to go through a compulsory administrative step: registration on a gambling site. Fortunately, this is relatively quick and simple. 

All you have to do is fill in a very basic form with your details and send a copy of your ID to the site. A few days after you have done this, you will receive a code in your mailbox that will allow you to withdraw your potential winnings from the site.

Is there a trick to win at every time?

Here we are on a very thorny issue. Indeed, many people often shout out loud and clear that they have found the miracle method to win every time at blackjack ... wrongly.

All those people who say that it is possible to make money in the long run by playing blackjack are either naive or dishonest. It is impossible to establish a strategy that will win every time. Always remember that if the casino offers you to play the game, it's because it's financially interesting for them.

The expectation of winning over the long run is negative, which means that if you play thousands and thousands of games, you are bound to lose. Nevertheless, it is quite possible, with luck, to win astronomical sums thanks to this game, just like in progressive machine slots! So don't despair too quickly!

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Is it real money when you play online blackjack?

Here you should know that absolutely all casinos offer their players two different types of currencies to play with: play money and real money. The answer to this question is up to you! You can play both real and play money in online casinos.

Do all sites offer blackjack?

Although we have partially answered this question above, it is still useful to set the record straight. As we have said, it is one of the world's best known and loved games in casinos.

And you know now that the casino is always a winner in the long run, so what would be the point of not offering blackjack? As you will have understood, it is indeed possible to play this game in any online casino in the world.

Can we play live blackjack?

It is indeed possible to play live blackjack. We will detail the advantages of this way of playing in the next section, but be aware that all casinos form dealers so that you can play live blackjack.

So, no need to worry about that!

The advantages of live blackjack:

Playing live blackjack involves many things:

  • A real croupier and no algorithm:

Among these firsts is, and this is the most obvious, the fact of seeing the dealer draw card after card the games of the players, as well as his own game.

The charm of this is twofold: on the one hand, you have the possibility to put a face on "the bank". This one is none other than a young woman or a young man! This is much more user-friendly and pleasant than playing in front of a machine.

  • More live feeling:

On the other hand, the fact that a real person is dealing the game adds a certain spice to blackjack. You have to live it to understand it, but the pressure is much greater when a real person deals the cards than when a machine does. We'll let you experience this!

  • Chatting via live chat:

Finally, it is possible to chat live with the dealer via a dedicated chat room. You'll see; they are very friendly and will make you enjoy the few hours you'll spend in their company even more!

This article is now finished. We hope it has helped you to better understand the game and its implications, and most importantly, that it has made you want to try it for yourself!

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