Online Bingo Games in Canada: the best sites with live and normal bingo games

What is bingo:

Popular games

with a grid and numbers

picked up randomly.

3 of the best sites to play online bingo:

​1. Zodiac Casino

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80 chances for $1.

+ 4 other deposit bonuses

​2. ​grand mondial

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150 spins for $10

+ 100% bonus on 2nd

​3. Captain Cooks

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  • Legal and Reliable

100 chances for $5.

+ $475 bonus on 4 deposits

The world is constantly changing and new technologies are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. Thanks to all these developments, we can now do everything on the web: shopping, working, meeting people ... and playing for real money in virtual casinos.

They are increasingly sought after for their comfort, convenience and ease of use. A virtual casino is nothing more than a gambling site accessible on the Internet, where you can play all the games found in your classic casinos.

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Presentation: what is bingo?

We all know the famous bingo. Even if we have not all had the opportunity to play it, we have all seen at least part of it take place.

Whether it was at a particular gathering, family party or even in your favourite movies and series, we have all attended a bingo game at least once.

The principle of this game is extremely simple, since it boils down to filling a row or column with numbers.

These numbers are randomly drawn by a person, who will mix all of them together before drawing one of them. This person will not stop shooting until one of the players shouts "Bingo! "».

When you hear this term, you will then know that a person has managed to fill a row, a column or even the entire box with the various numbers listed by the dealer.

It is important to know that each player has a card (called a grid) on which is written a series of numbers.

Each time the dealer announces one of the numbers on a player's grid, the player must cover the number in question with a checker; the goal is to cover the entire grid to win.

List of casinos where you can play online bingo:

captain-cooks-casino online logo

Captain Cooks

grand mondial casino logo

​grand mondial

yukon-gold-casino logo

Yukon Gold

casino logo spin palace

Spin Palace

zodiac casino logo


luxury casino logo


casino quatro logo


jackpot city casino logo

Jackpot City

casino villento logo


river belle-logo casino

River belle

play online casino bingo the guide

Is it hard to learn how to play it?

This game is probably one of the simplest games of chance there is.

The reason for this is simple: as a player, you have no impact on your winning conditions.

Indeed, unlike most games of chance (such as roulette, blackjack or poker to name a few), your one and only way to win is to be lucky!

Anything you can say or do will not influence the dealer's draws, so just cross your fingers and hope the dealer draws your numbers!

And as you can see, this lack of a viable strategy to increase your chances of winning makes it one of the easiest games to learn.

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How to play bingo on the internet?

Like all the games of chance in the world (or almost!), there are ways to play them from your computer.

To do so, simply register at one of the many online casinos and then go to the "Bingo! ». In reality, it's never been easier to play.

You will have the choice to play either with artificial intelligence (and the casino will usually check off the numbers on your list automatically!), with a real croupier who will shoot each ball one after the other.

But we will explore this possibility in more detail below. For now, just keep in mind that all you need to do is register on a viable site to play, and follow our advice to choose a reliable one!

Tips and tricks to win at bingo: is there such a thing?

If you have read the second section of this article, we think you already have the answer to this question. However, if you have skipped it, let us clarify it for you.

To keep it simple and concise, all draws are completely random, and the probability of each number being drawn is also perfectly equal. Therefore, there is no viable strategy that would allow a player to increase their chances of winning at Bingo.

Is it real money when you play virtual bingo?

Please note that 99.99% of operators allow players to play with two different types of currencies: real and fictitious. However, there are not yet any casinos where it is possible to play with fictitious money live with a croupier.

So, if you want to play with play money, we advise you to turn to Bingo games run by an artificial intelligence (most of the time you won't have a choice, live or real games are reserved for those who bet real money).

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Do all virtual casinos offer bingo games?

Since the beginning of the article, we have been talking about the possibility of playing this very popular game. However, some people don't offer it!

To be 100% sure that you are signing up at a reliable casino that does offer Bingo, please take a look at the casinos we recommend. These are trusted casinos, so you can go ahead and play with your eyes closed.

Can we play bingo live?

Earlier in this article, we were talking about playing live with a dealer. For those of you who don't know what that means, you should know that thanks to technical and technological developments, it is now possible to play live with a croupier ... from your couch!

Indeed, thanks to a webcam and a chat, you can have the same sensations as when you go to a land-based casino, but without all the constraints linked to that (taking the car, booking 4 hours of your evening etc.).

This makes it entirely possible to play Bingo live, i.e. with a real-life dealer who draws numbers randomly from an abacus.

The benefits of live bingo?

The advantages of playing live are numerous, and not only for this game, but for all the other games that can be played in a virtual casino. When playing Bingo live, you will find 3 great advantages:

  • Home comfort and real sensations:

The first is that you will feel the same sensations as you feel when playing in land-based casinos. And that's normal! Everything is done to make you feel completely immersed in the world of casinos (the dealer's outfit, the meticulously chosen decorations, the noises and sounds so characteristic of casinos ...).

  • Live chat with the dealer:

The second advantage is that you can chat with the dealer very easily using chat. The dealer will answer you live, and can even give you game tips or tell you anecdotes!

  • No algorithms: numbers get picked up randomly

Finally, in terms of confidence, it is certain that the player feels less abused when he loses to a human. Bingo is 100% a game of chance and you will be able to see the player turn the abacus. 

Indeed, when one loses all one's bets to an artificial intelligence, we all tend to accuse the casino of cheating. So it's more fun to play with a real dealer.

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This article is now finished. We hope it has opened up new gaming opportunities for you, and why not let a few of you hit the jackpot!

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