How do I play online backgammon for real money? Our explanations to guide your first steps

What is backgammon:

Table game that is played by two players

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To begin with, if you're just looking to play for free and not make any money, then we recommend that you go to this type of site that offers backgammon totally free.

However, you can also earn money with this game, especially by taking advantage of the sign-up bonuses from online casinos.

By playing with bonuses you will be able to win real money without risking too much of your own (as the online casinos always represent a risk, you will have to control yourself).

Presentation: what is backgammon and how to play it?

backgammon en ligne guide

The board, the jans and the pawns

Backgammon is a board game played by two people. Easily recognizable, it consists of a large game board on which twenty-four large arrows are drawn. These are represented by two different colours alternating from one point to the other.

The entire game board is also divided into four large areas, each containing 6 arrows. These four large areas are of considerable importance in Backgammon. We call them the inner and outer "Jans".

At the beginning of the game, each player has an inside and an outside Jan. The Jan can be easily distinguished by a bar that separates the two games.

In order to help you find your way around, each of the arrows composing the different "Jans" is equipped with a number from 1 to 24.

In addition to all this, each player has fifteen checkers, all of the same color.

The starting position of the checkers for each Backgammon player is two checkers on the twenty-four point, five checkers on the thirteen point, three checkers on the eight point, and five checkers on the six point.

Goal of the game

The object of the game, as simple as it sounds, is to move your checkers into your home board and then move them out. The first player to bear off all his checkers is the winner.

Of course, the game board is also equipped with a pair of dice, a cup and a doubling die (numbered 2,4,8,16, 32 and 64) to indicate the stake of the game.

Even though literary explanations may seem complex, everything makes much more sense when you have the game in front of you, so don't be afraid!

The different categories and how to play them:

There are many variations of backgammon. Some more simplistic than the original version, others much more complex. We can mention here for example Trictrac, Tavla, Nackgammon or Hypergammon.

If we take Hypergammon for example, the principle is exactly the same as for Backgammon. The only difference is that each player starts the game with only 3 checkers.

This can be a good way to start and learn to play backgammon with a little more ease. 

List of sites offering real money backgammon:

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Learning to play backgammon: how difficult is it?

Backgammon is a game that may seem easy to understand when you look at the rules on the internet. But in reality, the vocabulary related to the game as well as the many ways of playing can prove to be a hindrance for beginners.

The concepts of "Jans", "Air Ball", "Bar", "Blot", "Tosser", "Ace Point" or others can quickly lead to confusion.

So you will have to be patient at the beginning and familiarize yourself with the lexical field of Backgammon in order to become a good player and win money!

How to play backgammon on the internet?

Like many other casino games, it is possible to play Backgammon online. Beginners will be able to play games with play money and confirmed players with real money.

All you need to do is register at an online casino and create an account. After verifying your administrative and financial information, you will be able to make a deposit on the platform. 

You will then be able to play your first game of Backgammon online! Another advantage is that the vast majority of sites will offer you a welcome bonus when you register.

This money can be used in your first games to get you started with a small amount of seed money. The amount is of course variable according to the sites.

Online backgammon: real or play money?

That's the big question a lot of players are asking themselves. Unfortunately, it's not easy for us to answer it... So, real or fictitious money? Usually, play money games are more for beginners.

The levels are diverse and varied, there are new players looking to get their hands dirty and more experienced players who train to prepare their games in real life.

In real money backgammon, there are logically experienced players looking to make money.

The level is higher, but it's really worth the money. Even if you are a beginner, playing a real money game with a small amount of money can be a good way to rub shoulders with experienced players and get an idea of the level of play on the platform.

Before registering, be sure to check the game modes offered by the site because some casinos only allow you to play for real money.

Is backgammon available in all online casinos?

Backgammon is a rather famous game and you will find it in the vast majority of online casinos.

Be careful though, as there are many variations of the game and it is therefore important to be well informed about the rules before starting a game.

Not all casinos allow you to play for real and play money, so be careful when registering.

Are there any tricks to win at it every time?

Unfortunately, the answer may disappoint you... The best way to win at backgammon is to practice!

Playing for play money is a great way to get your hand in, but nothing beats playing for real money to become a pro.

Work hard to reach a good level of play, and you'll be able to make your first big winnings. Moreover, it can be interesting to compare online casinos in order to sign up on the platforms with the biggest prize-money.

What to do when you encounter a problem while playing backgammon?

Whether you are in play money or real money, a tutorial is generally available on the site to find all the rules of the game and sometimes a lexicon. A good basis to learn how to play for beginners.

In case of technical problems or bugs during a game, you can contact the support of the site. The contact can be done by email, live chat or even phone depending on the platform.

For regular players who play real money games, the playcheck allows you to keep an eye on your transaction history.

It will prove to be a good protection in the event of a problem and can be used as proof to ask the site to reimburse you if necessary. A tool that can be used for backgammon as well as for many other online casino games.

Can you play backgammon live?

Yes, and it's even the principle of the game! Backgammon is played by two players, so you can play live against another member of the site. On some platforms, you will also be able to play with your friends for play money.

where to play online backgammon

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Pros of playing it live:

If you've gotten used to playing backgammon alone against an offline computer, playing online can be life-changing!

Allowing you to rub shoulders with many experienced players, live backgammon games offer thrills and can be a way to win a lot of money.

The various game modes are useful for trying new things, and playing from your computer allows you to find opponents at any time of the day or night. A good way to have fun, and even to become very rich...

Our take on backgammon:

Backgammon is a game that is visually familiar to everyone, but few people actually know the rules.

Even if the learning phase is often long and tedious, you can really get a taste for it when you have a good command of the rules of the game and the vocabulary. Thanks to online casinos, this classic board game has been given a new lease of life.

You will be able to play online long games in play money as well as in real money. Experienced players with a little bit of experience will be able to make big money and online backgammon can be a good salary supplement.

For others, it is also possible to play games online for free and stress-free with the fictitious money.

Advantages and disadvantages of backgammon compared to other games:


  • A game that, once mastered, can pay big money.
  • There are many variations of the basic game that can be changed from time to time.
  • A great classic that is present in many online casinos.
  • Playing with one and only one opponent face to face exudes a certain charm.


  • A complex game for beginners to take in hand.
  • A very technical vocabulary peculiar to backgammon which is not always simple.
  • Big winnings in prospect, but only for good players.

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