Analysis of the eCogra online casino label: how to bet safely?

What is eCOGRA:

Independent seal of quality and reliability

What is the ecogra label and what is its purpose?

ecogra certification definition and explanation

Even though online casinos have many advantages and have largely revolutionized the world of gambling, many gamblers are still held back by the fear of being ripped off. The Internet is not always very reassuring and fraudulent sites are still numerous.

As a result, many organizations have emerged to analyze and verify the reliability of online casinos. One of the most famous of these is eCOGRA. ECOGRA stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.

This totally independent organization is very well recognized in the gaming world and offers sites a certification in the form of a label. The eCOGRA label will test and verify all of the casino's features.

Security, speed of payment, consistency of the various offers and promotions, as well as the site itself in its generality must meet the criteria imposed by the organization.

Once a casino has been tested and validated by eCOGRA, it can display the "Safe and Fair" label on its website. 

The latter is a real guarantee of quality and safety for all players. It is also a competitive advantage over other casinos that would not have it.

Why have labels become essential with the development of online casinos?

If you are going to play at the online casino, the first thing to look at are the site's labels and accreditations.

In your choice of online casino, this point must absolutely take precedence over everything else, including bonuses and welcome offers

Betting large amounts on a casino that has not been tested and labeled appears to be a huge risk for the player.

The platform may rig its payout rates or games in general in order to steal from you. 

It is also strongly discouraged from sharing financial information with an unregistered site. Because online scams and hacking are a scourge, labels have now become essential for players.

Always remember to check the labels before registering on a platform and making your deposits.

List of casinos with eCOGRA reliability certification:

grand mondial casino logo

Grand Mondial

yukon-gold-casino logo

Yukon Gold

casino logo spin palace

Spin Palace

casino quatro logo


jackpot city casino logo

Jackpot City

casino villento logo


How can I be sure that an online casino is reliable?

eCOGRA's "Safe and Fair" label is by far the best known and safest online casino label. It is recognised worldwide and is a real guarantee for players.

It is generally the first label that is cited by safety connoisseurs.

Although labels are important in evaluating online casinos, you can also look at the forums and observe the opinions of the different players. 

You can quickly get an idea of the sites by analyzing the feedback from members. An online casino that is labeled and has good feedback will certainly be an excellent gaming platform!

See the top eCOGRA websites

How does the casino go about obtaining this "Safe and Fair" label?

This question is very often asked on gambling forums. Indeed, many players are afraid that the casinos will pay for the labels without any technical verification.

If this is the case for you, rest assured, eCOGRA's Safe and Fair label is relatively complex to obtain and it's not just a question of money.

At the request of the online casinos, eCOGRA will compare the platform's data with the specifications of the "Safe and Fair" label.

The organization will analyze the casino's website, the different payout rates of the games, the payment methods and delays, as well as many other more technical aspects.

Once the analysis is complete, the site will receive a detailed report from eCOGRA and will be given (or not) the precious sesame.

If the casino does not meet the standards, it will have to improve or modify the non-compliant criteria in order to retake the certification test. 

Please note that the "Safe and Fair" label is not only determined by the starting balance sheet!

Numerous checks are carried out by eCOGRA throughout the year and the online casino has to be connected with the specifications of the label on a daily basis! 

If the rules change at eCOGRA, the casino must be able to adapt to them or risk having its label withdrawn. It is therefore a long-term job for the casino, which will always have to be in the thick of things in order to keep its eCOGRA label. 

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Our opinion on ecogra's "Safe and Fair" label

The eCOGRA Safe and Fair label is in short THE label you should see on your online casino.

It allows the newcomer to deposit money peacefully without having to worry about the security of the casino.

This label, often perceived as a constraint by online gaming platforms, is a real help and security for players. 

It will allow you to be sure and certain to play on an honest site without getting ripped off.

Also, as mentioned above, don't hesitate to check out other players' opinions before starting an online casino in order to get a first impression.

Positive and negative points of this label of reliability:

Positive points:

  • It allows you to play in complete serenity without the risk of being scammed.
  • It is international and is therefore valid worldwide.
  • The specifications of the label are really very complete.

There is room for improvement:

  • The label is not always clearly visible or prominent on online casinos.

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