Analyse du bonus high-roller: qu'est-ce que c'est et comment en bénéficier?

Qu'est-ce que le high roller:

Bonus réservé aux plus gros joueurs du jour.

Qu'est-ce que les High Rollers ou Gros Parieurs?

high-roller bonus online casino

High Rollers is a term that refers to "big gamblers" or high depositing players. In other words, the bettors who spend the most money or make the biggest winnings.

We can oppose this expression to the Low Rollers who are the opposite of the "Little Players" and do not spend much when they play.

High Rollers are not only players who bet big, they are also clever strategists who are able to win big in the long run. They have strong calculation skills and are experts in probability. 

Ces derniers sont essentiels pour les casinos car ils misent plusieurs milliers de dollars à chaque partie et vont accepter de perdre gros parfois pour gagner gros sur le long terme. 

Statistiquement, les probabilités de faire du bénéfice sur le long terme sont beaucoup plus élevées avec de grosses mises, et ça les gros joueurs l’ont bien compris. Ils font vivre les casinos et se voient donc logiquement récompensés par des bonus.

These High Roller Bonuses are therefore variable and the amounts depend on the casinos. What they have in common is that they represent huge amounts and are reserved for a very small minority.

Par exemple, certains sites offrent à ces joueurs un bonus de 1000 dollars sur les dépôts. 

An amount that may seem huge but is not so huge if you look at the amounts bet during the games.

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Quelle est la différence entre un bonus high roller et un bonus VIP?

We sometimes see confusion between High Rollers bonuses and VIP bonuses on specialized websites. However, these two categories of bonuses have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Comme expliqué précédemment, ces bonus sont réservés à une poignée de joueurs d’élite misant des sommes énormes. On ne s’intéresse là qu’aux montants misés et empochés par les parieurs.

VIP bonuses are offered to certain players who meet certain criteria set by the casino. This may be based on seniority, number of games played, new wins or other criteria, but VIP players are not necessarily High Rollers.

What's more, VIP bonuses or rewards are usually much lower than those for High Rollers who are in another world in terms of wagering.

So we have two very distinct bonus categories here.

Comment jouer sur un casino en ligne pour bénéficier d'un bonus high roller?

If you wish to play at the online casino, you will need to register first.

To do so, you will be asked to complete a certain amount of information, both administrative and personal, but also relating to your financial data. 

You will then have to wait for the platform to analyze your documents before validating them. Once the information and documents have been accepted by the online casino, you will be able to make your very first deposit!

All you have to do is deposit money on the site via one of the payment methods offered. You can then start playing for real money on the site!

Following this first deposit, the online casino will surely offer you a welcome bonus usually worth between $100 and $300. 

This parting gift will allow you to make your first bets without the slightest pressure. To benefit from the High Rollers bonus, on the other hand, the road may be a little longer.

You'll need to make a lot of large bets in order to generate big winnings and be spotted by the casino! Although risky, the game is generally worth the candle, don't hesitate!

Sites qui offrent des bonus high-rollers à leurs joueurs:

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Est-ce difficile d'accéder à ce type de bonus?

Yes, as you may have guessed from our various explanations, High Rollers bonuses are reserved for very big players. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible, to access them if you don't have a casino budget of several tens of thousands of dollars. 

Ces bonus aux montants faramineux sont parfois gardés secrets par les casinos qui ne vont les communiquer qu’aux High Rollers et les garder secrets pour les autres joueurs.

Peut-on bénéficier de bonus high roller sur les casinos en ligne?

Oui, les High Roller sont également disponibles sur les plateformes en ligne. Les casinos physiques comme online ont absolument besoin de ce type de joueurs pour générer du cash et gérer leur business.

De ce fait, ils se battent à coup de bonus ou d’offres afin d’attirer un maximum de gros parieurs.

If you are an experienced player and you bet very large sums, consider comparing the High Rollers bonuses from different online casinos. 

Bonus amounts are extremely variable and the differences in dollars can therefore be substantial.

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Our thoughts on the high roller bonus:

The High Rollers bonuses are in summary the most interesting in terms of amounts and offers. They will be a real reward for big players who are not afraid to take risks in their bets.

On the other hand, for Low Rollers or players with average budgets these bonuses are unfortunately inaccessible. Be careful, most casinos offer High Rollers bonuses to players who make big winnings.

So the idea is not just to bet large amounts without a strategy. This offer applies to high level players who bet large amounts and win on a regular basis.

Avantages et inconvénients de ces derniers:


  • The highest bonus amounts offered online, very interesting for big bettors.
  • In addition to the economic aspect, the High Rollers bonuses are prestigious and play on the loyalty of the players.


  • These bonuses are reserved for an elite group of players and are therefore almost impossible to access for so-called "lambda" or Low Rollers players.
  • High Rollers bonuses are sometimes kept secret by the casinos, so it is not always easy to get information about them.

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