Testing, notice and comment on the Mummys Gold Online Casino

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up to $500 bonus

If you're looking for a quality online casino, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gambler, chances are your search will lead you to Mummys Gold: and for good reason, it's one of the most reputable online casinos in Canada right now.

But you can't take our word for it, so here's everything you need to know about this site!

Our review of Mummy Gold in brief

Name of the site:

Mummys Gold

Canada/Quebec license:


100% on the first deposit

Max bonus: 500$

Submit 500$ for take advantage of the max bonus.


An active site since 2002, which says a lot about the quality of service offered by one of the many casinos in the "group". The games offered are among the best, the support is French-speaking and professional. Finally, the bonus applies only to a single large deposit and is therefore reserved for experienced players.

Who's behind the Mummys Gold casino?

Since 2002, that is to say for some time now, Mummys Gold has been providing its customers with a very high quality platform, offering games with impeccable graphics, varied and original, to please a wide range of players.

The latter belongs to the well-known "Group" (yes yes that's what this casino group is called), just like Lucky Nugget and River-Belle, not to be confused with the CasinoRewards group.

As far as security and legality are concerned,gaming platform does everything within the rules, and guarantees the security of its players' information in all circumstances.

mummys gold casino test

But what clearly distinguishes this site from its competitors is its surprising and original concept; as its name suggests, the money of the Mummys Gold is kept by a mummy, and the question is: will she agree to share some of her booty with you?

Welcome offer and bonuses

As always, before selecting an online casino, you should make sure to check out the welcome offers and various bonuses that may be to your advantage.

As far as the offer is concerned, it is rather concise: take advantage of up to 500 credits offered when you create your player account!

The platform also offers its regular players loyalty bonuses and one-time bonuses that can be interesting in the long term.

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Our take on this $500 bonus:

On the welcome bonus side, you can easily find more interesting and more consequent bonuses on competing sites. Take for example Jackpot City which offers 4 times 100% up to $ 1600 or Spin Casino and its $ 1000 offered! One will also quote the very good online casino Gate777 and its 1000$ plus 100 spins free !

For example, some sites offer players bonuses spread over several deposits, with percentages based on the amount of your deposits.

However, this type of bonus is often only worthwhile from a certain deposit amount and will not be attractive if you plan to deposit just a little bit to try out the site.

In conclusion, this bonus is not bad at all, we just think it is more adapted to "big" players or at least to the most experienced ones.

Reliability of Mummys Gold

When it comes to reliability, you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you decide to trust this site with your money and bank details.


You can thus see that this site works with eCogra: it is an organization for the protection and standardization of players, which imposes strict regulations on sites with the aim of protecting the interests of players.

It is also a guarantee that the site uses effective encryption technology to protect players' banking and personal information.

The site also undertakes not to divulge information about its customers to companies outside its organization without their request.

Positive feedback from players

Moreover, what could be more effective in ensuring the reliability of a company than watching the comments of regular players?

You will find a wide range of comments from players who are satisfied with their gaming experience, the games available and the services offered by the platform support.

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What about criticism and accusations of scams?

Even on a site that enjoys a good reputation, is in good standing and has all the necessary licenses to operate, you may find negative comments on the pages dedicated to player comments.

Is that really a reason to worry? It is important to know that some players, or former players, leave negative comments about their gaming experience if they have been disappointed, had bad luck at the games, or have been banned by the site.

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These comments are not to be taken into consideration: as far as losing is concerned, it is indeed a risk to be taken when one starts the adventure of online gaming! 

As far as bans are concerned, it's rather good news for you as a future player: it's a guarantee that the site takes its game policy seriously and is uncompromising about players who don't respect the rules. 

How do I deposit and withdraw money on Mummys Gold?

This is a completely modern site, which provides its users with a wide range of options to enable them to do their banking as they wish.

Players can choose to make deposits and withdrawals by credit card, bank transfer, check, or e-wallet (many different options are available for the latter). 

Regarding transaction times, it is important to know that this varies depending on the withdrawal method you choose.





Active since




The withdrawal request must first be validated, which takes at least 24 hours, then after that, count another 24 hours for e-wallets, between 2 and 5 days for credit cards, and up to 7 days for bank transfers.

These delays may seem a bit long, but that's the price to pay for using a popular platform that handles a lot of transactions.

For money deposits on the site, the minimum amount to make a deposit is $20.

The currencies accepted on the site are US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Euros.

Is Mummys Gold's platform available in English?

The platform is entirely available at English ; Mummys Gold offers its players English, Quebecers and other French-speaking Canadians to find their favorite games on an entirely French-speaking platform.

Indeed, the home page of the site, the FAQ, as well as all the explanatory pages and descriptions of the various games are all in English, to allow all English-speaking players to play in their mother tongue and not have to worry about understanding the various game modalities.

Everything is understandable and designed to facilitate the understanding of the site. 

It is indeed always more comfortable to have access to all essential information without being forced to go through a translator!

Notice on the customer service of this site

mummysgold casino customer support

Ways to contact the casino:

  • Chat service 24/7
  • Via email 24/7
  • Support in English

Customer service is one of its strong points. Players are assured of 24/7 support. 

Frequently asked questions and answers are already available in a very complete way on the website to save you time, but it may happen that you need to directly confront a customer service employee in case of misunderstanding, doubt, difficulty encountered on the site, or a concrete or technical problem.

You have a choice: you can use the customer e-mail system, or you can go directly to the instant messaging system on the website.

There, you will be put in touch with a friendly, even friendly, customer service employee who will take your questions seriously and work hard to answer them as best as possible, as well as to take care of your technical problems or provide you with concrete solutions.

Here again, customer service is available in English: it's already nice to play on a platform in English, but it's even more reassuring to know that customer service is also English-speaking.

Licenses of this online casino

  • Kahnawake gambling commission Canada Quebec
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • UK gambling commission - UK gambling commission

Is MummysGold authorized in Quebec and Canada?

Mummys Gold is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which operates throughout its territory in Canada.

It is therefore perfectly allowed on it. This license, or other license issued by a national gaming authority, is necessary to ensure the legality of a site offering gambling. 

The virtual casino operator is also licensed by the gaming authorities in Malta, the European capital of casinos.

It is a country of the European Union, i.e. a country subject to legislation common to all European Union countries, very much in line with the principles of protecting players' interests. 

It is therefore an additional guarantee of the good quality of the site. Indeed, a license does not only guarantee the legality of the site, but it also signals to the player that he is dealing with a site that is subject to rules that he must respect if he wants to keep his license, and therefore has no interest in misbehaving with his customers!

It is therefore a pledge of security for you, future player.

What games at MummysGold Casino?

games available on the casino mummys gold

That's the heart of the matter: the games offered by Mummys Gold. Because indeed, it is to play that we go to an online casino.

Rest assured that with this site, the games you will find will not disappoint you!

You will find everything, suitable for all levels of players, beginners as well as experienced, in all categories of gambling: 

...and other things.

All games, whatever they are, are of high quality, both graphically and in terms of content and concept.

Who are its game suppliers?

microgaming logo
evolution gaming logo
  • The microgaming boss

Perhaps that's the secret behind the high quality games you'll find at Mummys Gold: the site only gets you from the best. Indeed, Microgaming is the main supplier of gaming software for thegaming platform.

Microgaming happens to be the leader in the field, and not for nothing: stunning graphics, elaborate sound effects, a playful potential always at the cutting edge of what is expected, games that are constantly renewed so as not to get bored... This is what Microgaming promises, and it's a validated experience as far as we are concerned.

  • Evolution Gaming's Live Games

For Live games (Video Poker, etc...), all games that require the intervention of a live dealer, Evolution Gaming provides Mummys Gold. Again, the site chooses to source from a leader in the well-deserved place.

These are Las Vegas-style live games you'll find, for a colorful experience as if you were there! Emotion guaranteed.

With which device can I access the mummysgold website?

mummysgold casino accessible on mac pc mobile and tablet

- Accessible on mobile, tablet, Mac and PC

You can play from any computer, either a PC or a Mac computer. 

But the good news is that the site is also accessible in a mobile version, from your smartphone or tablet. The site is optimized for mobile, which means that the quality of the games is in no way affected by playing on a smartphone or tablet.

Not all of the games on the site are available on mobile phones, but there are still an impressive number of games in all categories, which can keep you busy during your public transit trips, for example.

- Is downloading software required to play? 

As far as how to access the games, there are two possibilities at your disposal, from which you can make your own choice:

  • The download version, which has the negligible disadvantage of making you wait a few minutes before accessing the games, but the considerable advantage of giving you unlimited access to the games once the software has been downloaded.
  • The flash version, through the browser, which will give you direct access without transition to all the games on the website, provided of course that you have an account.

It's up to you to see what you prefer! In any case, the games are of high quality.

Conclude our analysis of MummysGold Online Casino

Mummys Gold is a high quality site, and this can only be confirmed by its longevity. Indeed, since 2002, it has been able to stay afloat, which is a very good indicator of its solvency and consistency.

The site has been able to adapt to technical developments over the years, providing players with optimized features. Of course, the reliability of its customer service and the fact that all pages are accessible English are reassuring factors for players.

To top it all, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming are the ultimate gaming software providers and guarantee an unforgettable gaming experience.

Of course, the withdrawal times could be a little shorter, but it's a small price to pay to enjoy such good times in the company of the golden mummies!

The registration offer of this virtual casino summarized:

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100% up to $500

on your first deposit

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Our rating: 4/5

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