casino online Espace Jeux : our notice on the official Loto Québec website

Many promotions but no welcome bonus.

The official website of Loto Quebec.

No more worries about licensing and other questions about the legality of the sites: what better way to play than on the platform owned by Loto-Québec, itself directly created by the government.

We have tested the site for you: zoom on the site without any doubt the most reliable or at least the most controlled in the sector.

Analysis FromEspace jeux to summarize

Name of the site:

Espace jeux

Canada/Quebec license:


No welcome bonus

But many jackpots and promotions


What's better than playing on the Lotto Quebec website? The company created in 1969 by the Quebec government allows players to play in complete tranquility, without worrying about possible scams or fraud. We obviously recommend this quality platform even if it is true that it does not offer any bonuses.

Espacejeux: presentation of this online casino

Espacejeux is a huge online gambling platform. It offers a very large number of lottery games, online casino machines, poker, online sports betting, bingo and many online XP games of all kinds.

The site attracts a very large number of Quebec gamers and is becoming increasingly known by the general public for the quality and diversity of its games.

test online casino espacejeux review

Is there a welcome bonus on Espace jeux?

No, in a very original way and contrary to sites like Quatro or Lucky Emperor, the platform espacejeux does not offer a welcome offer for new players.

This is quite surprising as the welcome bonus has now become almost a standard in the online gambling world.

However, we will see in the next section that the site espacejeux offers a very large number of bonuses of all kinds.

The fact that the latter does not make such an offer is also to be appreciated. Indeed, many players are not aware of the wagering requirements that apply to each bonus, which can create a bad experience for a newcomer to the industry.

On this point at least, no doubt, no scam possible, which will please many players.

Try your luck now:

Promotions on Espace Jeux

Even if the site loses points due to the absence of a welcome bonus, we are forced to note that its bonuses and promotions are extremely numerous when we look at the platform's news.

In addition, they are generally very interesting in terms of value for the players. Promotional offers can be found everywhere on espacejeux.

For example, for poker, players will be able to claim huge bonuses of up to $250,000 !

In poker or more generally in the casino, the bonuses are also diverse and varied with for example the holiday bonus which brings a new gift into play every night, the special "treasures of China" bonus, the 10,000 dollars to be won every week, or for example some big promotions offered to the winners of Black Jack tournaments.

In short, a very large number of bonuses to claim on a regular basis across all games.

How reliable is EspaceJeux?

Close to 100% if you ask us! As a reminder, it depends directly on Loto Quebec. It is without a doubt the most reliable site on the market.

The Espacejeux site also seems to us to be extremely reliable in terms of user data protection, protection of transactions as well as protection of banking data. 

It's a site where you can play large amounts without any fear.

Be careful however not to fall into addiction as a player, always keep in mind that playing online presents real risks that should not be taken lightly.


Deposit and withdrawal options available

To make a deposit on espacejeux, everything is extremely simple, fast and highly secure.

You will be able to make a deposit by credit card or Visa Debit (except prepaid and corporate cards), via bill payment (which you will need to personalize from your personal space on espacejeux), via Interac Online or even if you wish, by Web Money Coupon.

Of course, you must be registered and have an account in order to make your first deposit.









Is the platform available at English?

Yes, of course, the Espacejeux platform is fully available at English. This is also the case for the FAQ and even the related pages of the Loto Québec website.

Is customer service at Espace jeux easy to contact in case of problems?

customer support casino lotto quebec

Ways to contact the casino:

  • Support by phone
  • Via email within 48h max
  • Support in English

Yes, the Espacejeux platform offers you the possibility to contact its support by phone at 1-866 611-LOTO (5686) or by email at The site's staff speaks English and you will be able to ask all your questions.

The platform espacejeuxis known to have a rather efficient and fast support system. You should normally receive an answer by email within 24 to 48 hours.

Is this platform legal in Canada?

Yes, the online gambling platform espacejeuxis completely legal since it belongs to the famous state-owned company Loto Quebec. It is therefore without a doubt the only one that is truly legal.

It also has tens of thousands of players and numerous partnerships with physical casinos. 

It is an extremely reliable platform that has nothing more to prove in this respect. The site has numerous certifications, including the WLA label at the bottom of the home page.

What to do if a question arises regarding the rules of

In case of problem or doubt regarding the rules of the games and operation, it is possible to consult the general conditions of the site.

Available through a link that is visible at the bottom of the home page, you will be able to consult these general conditions in detail in order to understand the ins and outs of the site and the different game modes.

If needed for more open questions, a FAQ set up by the site and extremely rich in information can be consulted by the players.

You can find many answers to your questions and it can be an interesting alternative to avoid time-consuming exchanges with the support.

What types of games can I play?

games available at espacejeux

It is possible to play online poker games, games of chance such as Bingo, to make online sports bets, but also to play XP games, lottery and even the great casino classics.

Each of these categories is extremely rich in games, enough to satisfy the needs of all players, whether beginners or amateurs.

What can be found in the casino section of the site?

When you click on the Casino tab of the siteespacejeux, you'll find many slot machines, classic table games, virtual sports, Keno, and a large number of live casino games (including live Black Jack, live Roulette and live Baccarat).

These game modes that allow all players to play against each other are highly appreciated by the community. They also logically allow registrants to make very big winnings if they are good.

How do I register on this site?

To register on the site if you don't have an account yet, just click on the top right of your screen when you get to the home page. A "Registration" tab on the right of the "Login" tab has been provided for this purpose.

The site will then ask you to fill in certain administrative information, including your title, first and last name, address, email address, and a promotional code if you have one in your possession.

Once this administrative registration phase is complete, you will need to provide the site with more detailed information about your address and your account information (username and password). 

You will finally be able to send your bank details and will logically have to wait for the platform espacejeuxto check everything. If your file is complete and validated by the site, you will then be able to make your very first deposit and start playing!

How do I log in to Espace Jeux when I have just created my account?

Once the validation email has been confirmed and your player account on espacejeuxis officially created, then you can get started!

Go to the home page of the site and click on the "connection" tab at the top right. The site will ask you to enter your User Name and the password you just created just before.

If you are missing one of these two pieces of information, you can click on "forgotten password" or "forgotten username" and the site espacejeuxwill send you an email directly to your mailbox to verify your identity and allow you to update or change your old password.

Once both codes are in your possession again, fill in the two corresponding fields and click on the "Login" button.

You will then be able to enter your player interface and start playing or make your first deposit if you need to.

How accessible is this virtual casino?

espacejeux a site accessible on mobile tablet pc

- available on mobile and tablet?

Yes, Espacejeux is available on cell phones. You will be able to choose between opening the web version of the site on your phone, or open directly the mobile application designed for this purpose.

If you wish to play from your smartphone, we strongly advise you to do so from your mobile application and not from the web version.

The application espacejeuxhas been designed to be played on a mobile phone, so the game will be much more comfortable and intuitive too.

You can download the application espacejeuxdirectly from Google play for Android or from your Apple store for Iphones.

- available on PC and Mac:

Yes, of course the online casino espacejeux is also available on PC. With a much larger and more pleasant screen than on cellphones for much more pleasant gaming conditions.

- Do I need to download software to play at espace jeux?

No, to play Espacejeux online you just need to log in from the web page you find in Google searches by typing " Espacejeux " in the search bar.

However, if you want to play games on the mobile application, you'll need to take the time to download the application on your smartphone, which takes 15 seconds by the way!

Anyway, no need to panic, the operation is extremely simple and ultra fast.

Is the platform accessible to everyone?

No, there are three extremely strict criteria that have been put in place by in order espacejeuxto regulate the number of players on the online platform.

To register on espacejeux, you must be at least 18 years of age, you must have a residence in Quebec (or at least be a resident of Quebec) and you must be physically located in Quebec.

These relatively strict instructions will be a brake on the number of players on the platform.

On the other hand, they are an excellent way to regulate the game and to have maximum visibility on all the players in order to maintain a certain control.

This makes the platform espacejeuxa very popular online gambling site that has the confidence of Quebeckers.

How can I follow the various news on Espace

It is possible for regular players or lovers of the platform in general to follow Espacejeux on the social networks Facebook, Twitter, as well as on the casino's Youtube channel.

Through these different communication channels, players will be able to obtain information about the site, advice on how to improve their game strategies, as well as sometimes exclusive promotions or offers.

Our analysis of this casino in a nutshell:

   - Its pros:

The online casino Espacejeux has the merit of offering many games divided into several distinct categories. Whether you are addicted to poker, lottery, bingo, XP games, casino or sports betting for example, everything is available on the platform.

Registration is easy, quick, and completely secure. The platform has many accreditations but also labels that ensure a certain security for the different players.

For the players, knowing that it depends on a state corporation is extremely reassuring.

Finally, the bonuses are put online on a regular basis and concern all the games on the site. The support is generally rather reactive and can be contacted by email and by phone.

   - Its disadvantages:

The fact that the site does not communicate about any welcome bonus may represent a loss of earnings for some players.

It is also noted that the number of games is lower compared to competing online gaming platforms even though in reality it is clearly sufficient.

In conclusion on the online casino

A site of very good quality that will surely please many Quebec players. The diversity of the games as well as the quality of the platform will not disappoint you.

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Our rating: 4/5

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